Image ID: A digital drawing of Mirage from Ultrakill in a Machine Girl t-shirt. The background is a photo of a cell tower, taken in the day. End ID.


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Newest update! mar 6 '24 - made BIG progress on /elysium
Image ID: A digital drawing of Mirage holding a plush shark, with her knees pulled close to her body. End ID.

nice to meet you, call me danika! this site is here to catalogue my thoughts, interests, art, stories, and so on. this site isn't mobile friendly, and should only be viewed on desktop. i made this by frankensteining a couple templates together. all art that isn't mine links back to the artist, and has been used with permission. the favicon was made by loftcries on, which is also where i sourced it for use. i keep my site screen reader accessible, but let me know if something doesn't work right for you.


feel free to link my site! however, please don't hotlink, and don't put me in a 'friends' section unless we've actually spoken. if we are friends then that's awesome and you should go wild. put me everywhere.


click here to visit the site. you'll start on my profile with a navigation bar on the left. there will be trigger warnings for common triggers when needed, usually on pages dedicated to certain characters/medias.

Image ID: A 88 by 31 pixel button with a grey-blue background, with Gabriel in the right corner. The word 'overture' is displayed in all caps on the left of the button. End ID.Image ID: An alternative version of the prior button, with a dark red background. This time, Mirage is featured on the left, and the text is on the right. End ID.
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Image ID: A digital drawing of Gabriel from Ultrakill laying down. End ID.